Charities we have supported



Hamogelo,“The Smile of the Child”, is a voluntary organisation for the protection of children, which began 18 years ago as a vision of the 10-year old Andreas Yannopoulos. Shortly before losing his own battle for life, he documented a dream in his journal of a home for children. His dream was realised soon after and since then 30 houses have been built all over Greece.

In Corfu, there is a residential farm in Magoulades for 22 children who have in some way been maltreated by their parents and are in desparate need of care. In addition, the organisation provides support for around 60 other children who live with their parents and need support.

Hamogelo is run by committed professionals with the support of hundreds of volunteers. Throughout Greece it implements all kinds of programmes for the welfare and protection of the physical and psychological health, as well as for the safety, of thousands of children in danger. The organisation is funded exclusively by monetary donations from the public, and donations (both in money and kind) by corporations, which contribute towards the numerous needs faced by the children.


The Melissa Foundation

The Melissa Foundation was founded by parents in 1983 to address the deficiencies in government services for mentally disabled children.

The association represents those with Autism Spectrum disorders, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. In essence it represents those who cannot defend their rights and have no voice in society and strives to improve living conditions and educational opportunities for mentally-handicapped people, while also supporting their families.

In the beginning Melissa provided outreach to the families of disabled children who were overwhelmed and isolated. Since then it has lobbied the government to establish special-education schools on the island and has established its own private, vocational school for children over the age of 14 for whom no other educational opportunities existed. At present, a fully-functioning bakery operates out of the school and sells to retailers. In addition, the school provides music, art and physical education as well as excursions and summer camps.

The association continues not only to provide support but also to promote awareness within the local community of the challenges that the disabled face. To this end it organises educational seminars for caregivers, teachers and the general public as well as engages in a variety of public fundraising activities.